“Drag racing is something that has to be experienced in the flesh.”

The sound, the smell, the feeling of raw horsepower. Watching from the grandstands is one thing; strapping in and taking a ride down the quarter-mile is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

— Roy Hill

About us

At Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School the training is intense and serious, but accommodates the speed and skill level of each individual student.

We cater to students’ learning curves, one run at a time. At this safety-conscious school, we teach students thoroughly about equipment prior to any track time. Students learn how to overcome intimidation produced by the speed and power of the cars, and your skills are built as confidence increases.

Roy Hill will be appearing alongside “The King” Richard Petty and “Miss Hurst” Linda Vaughn…

Never one to stray too far from the spotlight, Roy Hill is charging hard as…