“Attending Roy Hill’s Drag Racing School to earn my Super Comp license was a great way to start my drag racing career.”

— Testimonial from student

Super Comp, Super Gas & Bracket Car Licensing Course

Duration: 2 days
Price: $2,995

Consistent ETs and quick reaction times are keys to tripping the win lights. Whether you’re a novice or a national champion, this course will teach you tricks and techniques for a better run down the track. You also acquire a thorough understanding of throttle stops, cross-over boxes, timed shifting, weather stations and an assortment of other tools that bridge the gap between being a runner and being a winner. Choose to drive a Jerry Haas-built Super Gas car or an Undercover Motorsports Super Comp dragster. This school is also excellent for a first time driver. You will start as a beginner and by the end of the second day will be on the road to being a professional bracket racer. Our main goal is to teach you the correct way to race before you’ve learned any bad habits. During this course we will equip you with all of the necessary information to achieve an NHRA or IHRA license.