“Everyone uses these phone applications to check the weather. The way alsco at the rockI check it is step outside and see what the weather is like.” -Roy Hill

Thankfully this has always been the mentality for Roy Hill and team or else the exciting and thrill-packed corporate experience would have been cut short due to the morning rain this past Tuesday. Our great partners Alsco brought in a vibrant group of associates from a variety of businesses, one of which was The Palm Restaurant Group. The variety of personalities all meshed well when we got the groups suited up and gave them an experience of a lifetime sending them down track in our 3 seater dragster which “felt like a jet taking off!” stated one of the participants.

Once the gear was on, the competitive side came out of these folks. The track took a bit of time to fully dry before the action picked up since safety is always our number #1 goal with any of our schools and driving experiences but Roy found it easy to tell a few exciting stories and share a lot of laughter with the group so nobody felt the down time.

We had a full day and included multiple bracket races with the group. The true friendly competition in each person came out full force as they got comfortable staging the corporate Mustangs and driving head to head with co workers each time becoming a bit more aggressive to beat the next in line.

“Everyone had a great day. The sun even came out and wore us out but the main thing was that everyone had a fun time” stated the Alsco executives.

And THAT was what our goal was…make sure we hosted this wonderful group of alsco at the rock2friends and business associates and show them a more unique and adventurous outing that promoted team bonding and excitement that would last them a lifetime.

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