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It’s no surprise that Roy Hill is a name known for nearly 7 decades; some reasons are best left untold but his racing career and success has always been coupled with his generosity and going the extra “mile” to try to help those in need. Hill himself knows what it means to receive help when you’re down and out from his own history and past.

So when Roy Hill received a call from old friends of Giuseppe’s Steel City Pizza in Port Orange, Florida, he immediately jumped in to help. Our team here in NC was informed that Dave Fouts of the POPD family, and his wife Jen were involved in a 13164494_1056224021079881_3403190154294748294_ntragic motorcycle accident. Giuseppe’s, also known for their loyalty and dedication to their local customers and “family” who visit their restaurant on the regular, quickly came up with a great fundraising idea where on May 23rd, 100% of all profits will support the Fout family as well as the auction they are hosting including great packages; one of which is a high retailed gift being sent to our friends in Florida  including 2 gift certificates for a ride along experience when our Roy Hill team travels down to Florida later this year to hold our schools. Lots of other Roy Hill branded and autographed items are being sent South as well.

Check out the other auction items at and if you’re in the Port Orange area of Florida on May 23rd, this benefit event is well worth the trip!

Also, this past Saturday, our good friend and Owner of Rockingham Dragway, Stevegoodyear car Earwood, requested to display one of our corporate Mustangs that we use to promote, market and gain recognition for our partners as they are driven and displayed all over the nation. We sent our GOODYEAR Mustang to their weekend event where 11,000 spectators and participants attended Saturday’s Rugged Maniac Series event.

Our Roy Hill corporate GOODYEAR Mustang receiving lots of attention.

Our Roy Hill corporate GOODYEAR Mustang receiving lots of attention.

25 obstacles were erected over a 3.5 mile course that included a narrow plank walk over water — dodging  hanging sandbags — a climb over 14-foot walls and a crawl through water under barbed wire, including a jump over flaming logs.

We received word and photos of how much attentiongoodyear car at the rock2 the GOODYEAR Mustang gained at Rockingham’s event.

“We can’t help but feel grateful in many ways that our services, products, schools and even our wonderful partners can make a positive impact wherever and whatever we are asked to be part of.” -Roy Hill

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